Volunteer with Cantabile

Like most not-for-profit organizations, Cantabile relies heavily on the assistance provided by its many tireless  volunteers. We could not continue to operate with out the support of these fine folks, and we are grateful for their dedication. Some of our volunteers help behind the scenes, working with the organization at rehearsals and on retreats, in the vast Cantabile library, and on the board of directors and all of its ventures. Others work more in the public realm at concerts.

If you are interested in volunteering, there are many possibilities, and here are a few:

Front of House

Our friendly team of ushers greets Cantabile audience members as they arrive, and points them in the right direction for their designated semi-reserved seats. Currently this team is supervised by two volunteer Front of House Managers, who deal with the public, any last minute ticket emergencies and work with the Concert Manager to ensure a smooth, trouble free concert experience for our guests.

Duty Parents

Duty Parents are family members of the singers, and help out with the Children’s Choir at rehearsals, concert, tours and retreats. Their job is to help us make sure the children’s time at Cantabile is a positive one on every level.
For example:

  • At rehearsals the duty parents help new children feel more comfortable, locate lost musuc, help if children become ill, or need to contact parents etc, and wait afterwards for pick ups if necessary.
  • At concerts when the children are not sitting in the hall to listen, duty parents stay with the children to play quiet games, watch appropriate movies, monitor the state of the uniforms, and help keep the children calm and focused so they are ready to perform when it’s time.
  • Cantabile allows parents to serve as volunteer chaperons at retreats and on local, regional and international tours. These parents must have an up to date CPIC and duties are dependent upon the activity.
Cantabile volunteers also help with refreshments and selling CD’s at concerts, with special events and fundraising activities and on the board of directors.

If you’re interested in volunteering, please contact us!