COVID-19 Response

Effective Tuesday, September 7 2021, all staff, volunteers, participants and audience will be required to be fully vaccinated. Children 11 years of age and younger are exempted. Those who cannot be vaccinated due to recognized medical exemption are only permitted to participate upon presentation of a doctor’s note. Members who are not fully vaccinated or do not wish to disclose their vaccination status have the option to participate virtually.
Cantabile has developed a full COVID-19 safety plan that details the steps we’re taking to keep our singers safe. Here’s a brief summary:
  1. All programs resume in person (with options for online membership via Zoom)
  2. All members 12 years of age and older must provide proof of vaccination.
  3. All singers and instructors wear face coverings (with some exceptions for conductors, when necessary for instruction)
  4. Everyone physically distanced, when possible (a number of our larger groups will rehearse in the Performance Hall to accommodate physical distancing requirements)
  5. Exceptions for young children. Some exceptions to physical distancing will be permitted for our younger programs. That’s because movement and active group engagement are essential to early music education.
  6. Prepared for change. We all know that things can change quickly. We have contingency plans in place to adapt with minimal disruption to our learning and performing goals.