The Choirs

There are currently 8 choirs in the Cantabile organization, totalling nearly 300 singers.
Junior Choir


(all voice types, ages 6 & 7)

  • [ˈpik:olo] adj. meaning “small”. Cantabile youngest choir, Piccolo offers young singers an early introduction to choral music through play and cooperation.

The choir performs for friends and family in December, and joins the other children’s choirs for the April main stage performance. Piccolo rehearses Fridays from 4:30 to 5:15.

Co-directors: Margaret Moncrieff and Rachel Lutz


(all voice types, ages 8 & 9)

  • [ˈmɛdjo] adj. meaning “medium”. Cantabile’s Medio choir helps young singers advance their foundational music skills and vocal technique in a fun and interactive environment.

The choir performs at Cantabile concerts in December and April. Medio rehearses Friday afternoons from 4:15 pm until 5:15 pm, starting in late September and running until April.

Director: Alana Sargeant
Assistant: Joan Egnatoff

our children love to sing!


(all voice types, ages 10 – 12)

  • [ˈgrande] meaning “big”. Grande is Cantabile’s advanced children’s choir, which continues young singers’ vocal education while offering numerous performance opportunities throughout the year.

Grande rehearses Monday and Wednesday from 4:15 to 5:15.

Director: Geoffrey Sirett
Assistant: Joan Egnatoff


(soprano/alto voices, ages 13-18)

  • [lumiˈnoso] adj. meaning “luminous”. The name luminoso captures to the radiant, soaring sounds of maturing soprano and alto voices. Luminoso is an award-winning choir that offers unique performance opportunities throughout the year, including national/international touring and participation in music competitions.

Directors: Dr. Mark Sirett and Geoffrey Sirett



(tenor/bass voices, ages 13-18)

  • [viˈvaʧe] adj. meaning “lively”. The name vivace captures the enthusiasm and energy of Cantabile’s small ensemble of teenaged tenor and bass voices, known for their dynamic stage presence. The choir offers important vocal education for recently-changed voices as they evolve and mature.

Directors: Dr. Mark Sirett and Geoffrey Sirett

Youth Singers

Teen Voices

The Youth Singers is an SATB ensemble of teen voices that joins the Luminoso and Vivace choirs. The Youth Singers have received national and international acclaim and awards, and frequently travel.

The Youth Singers have toured England, Ireland, Prague, Italy, France, and Cuba. In Prague they were awarded “Gold” as one of the outstanding choirs of the Young Prague Festival.

Directors: Dr. Mark Sirett and Geoffrey Sirett


Coro Spirito

(soprano/alto voices, ages 18+)

  • [ˈspirito] n. meaning “spirit”. Coro Spirito is an advanced chorus of soprano/alto adult voices. Spirito captures the radiance that comes from mature treble voices singing in rich harmony.

Director: Dr. Mark Sirett

Coro Profundo

(tenor/bass voices, ages 18+)

  • [proˈfondo] adj. meaning “deep”. Profondo evokes the vocal depth and sonority of this adult tenor/bass chorus. When this choir combines with Coro Luminoso to perform SATB repertoire, the word profondo also describes the musical foundation upon which the upper voices build harmony.

Director: Dr. Mark Sirett