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The grand finale to our 2020/21 virtual season will be an epic 360° immersive video recording of the beloved Cantabile anthem, WILL YE NO COME BACK AGAIN? - complete with mass choir and full orchestra! We're calling on all alumni (a former member of any of the choirs, not just youth singers) to participate!

If you're not familiar with Virtual Choir videos, you can check out one of our recent recordings to give you an idea:


  1. Sign-up: it's free to sign up. We ask that, if you're able, you make a small donation, just to help offset some of the production costs
  2. Once you've signed up, you'll get a PDF with all the information you need on how to prepare and record your video
  3. Learn (or review) the music - scores and guided vocal parts will be provided (you can listen and sing-along to someone singing your own part!)
  4. Record yourself on your computer or mobile device, singing along to the reference track
  5. Upload and send us your video via Filemail. You're done! The deadline to receive submission will be April 15, 2021
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